Friday, February 10, 2006

I'm not dead yet, no.

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Wow... I realised that I haven't blogged here in ages. Always been blogging in my LJ, that's why. Anyway, I have no idea of what to do with this page anymore... Since I mainly log my daily life in LJ, I might use this blog to log other things? I'm not so sure. Eh. XD;;

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

SPCA Petition: Animal Ordinance 1953

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Calling ALL animal-lovers in Malaysia (or even overseas!). There is a petition going on to be sent to our Prime Minister, Pak Lah on Animal Abuse. Here's an excerpt from an email I got from my friend, Yvonne.

In light of another animal abuse case hogging the media, we're once again drawn to the fact that the law protecting animals is in need of amendment and strict enforcement. The current cruelty fine is RM200, which is an unfair price for the life of an animal. With loose laws like that, no wonder people aren't thinking twice before neglecting their pets and walk away with it.

SPCA is appealing that the Animal Ordinance 1953 is amended to first of all increase the fine to a realistic fee (after all a pedigree puppy costs about RM1000 2000 today) and imposes a BAN on KEEPING ANIMALS following prosecution for CRUELTY.

Animal lovers all over Malaysia petition for a pro-active government stance on the prevention of cruelty to animals by passing effective and deterrant legislation:

1. Increasing the cruelty fine from RM200 (since 1953) significantly higher to around RM 10,000.00 and increase jail time.
2. A life time ban on animal ownership for those charged with cruelty to animals --- animals therefore cannot be returned to the owners.
3. To urge the public to be responsible pet owners - spay/neuter their pets, adequate food, space, exercise, love and mediacal attention and to be considerate neighbours.

So please, support the SPCA's petition.

Just recently there was another case highlighted in the newspaper that a dog was left to starve (nearly to death) because its owner neglected it due to the fact that he 'was too busy with personal issues'. And I remember Kkaze quoting the newspaper that the aforementioned man said that with no feelings of remorse. They even had his address in the newspaper; if I was insane I would send a bomb to him. >_<

That, and the people who chain their dogs up ALL day and never once take them out for walks should be shot, too. AND those people who are a part of that Taiping Dog Shooting team, or whatever. They gun down stray dogs, and a lot of people's pets have fallen victim too. Now I know stray dogs can be quite a problem, but at least see if it has a collar with a tag or not. But it's not as if stray cats aren't a nuisance too. They turn your rubbish bins inside out and stuff, just that they don't bite. I don't like how most people are biased to cats here.

I can go on and on about how animals get abused like hell here, but I won't. I feel stressed over many things such as my studies and CF matters. 23 DAYS LEFT TO SPM. And I *STILL* have to go to school next week, so my School Leaving cert won't be polluted with lesser days of attendance. I don't know. Should I go or should I not. ARGH.

Friday, September 30, 2005

yay no school for a week XD

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I saw that VERY PINK HELLO KITTY car outside Wisma Tractors on Wednesday. It's... a moving Hello Kitty advertisement, really. o____O

In a nutshell, this week was kind of fun. We totally did nothing from Wednesday onwards. It was great hanging around with Raincloud, Yun Cyn, el-chan, FI and Esther and a few other people :D We chatted the school hours away and literally went crazy. We talked about all sorts of things, from what we're gonna do next time to the amount of children we're going to get (FI: I'M NOT gonna get married!!!), anime or manga, random school memories, other stories... and today we all freaked ourselves out because we were telling ghost stories in the lab. -_-;; The Form 3s were using our classes for their PMR examination, so we had to leave. XD;

Also, I think that the graduation song that Esther and Jian Pang are going to sing is pretty nice... I'm QUITE sure I will shed a tear or two on Graduation Day. It's only just a few weeks more and school's out. Then we'll all be heading on our own ways in our lives. But we're gonna make sure that we keep in touch and see who's the first to get married or become filthy rich and famous or whatever, haahahaa! XDXD

PS. THE FFVII AC OST PWNS ALL. XD I feel like drawing Kadaj, Yazoo and Rufus but daagh, still can't draw. I don't like artist block. =|

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Not dead.

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I feel bad because I've been totally ignoring my blog for quite sometime, since I spam my LJ more often now.

I do plan to rehaul this entire blog after my SPM, which ends on DECEMBER 5th. @#@_$@!&$! *curses* Lembaga just changed our SPM timetable AGAIN, and I just got the last, revised version yesterday. My last paper is Accounts 1, and in the AFTERNOON too. GAAAH!

Got my SPM trial results back... some of them, at least. I'm not pleased with them. Right now, I don't feel at ease if I'm not studying. I'm quite stressed out actually ^^;

Oh, and does anyone remember eating this? :D


My mom used to buy these lotus paste filled pastries for me and my brother when we were younger, during the Mooncake/Lantern/Mid-Autumn Festival. We loved to eat them because of their funky shapes! These pastries are usually filled with lotus paste and red bean, but now there's all sorts of flavours such as pandan, chocolate, etc. XD Now that I'm older though, I don't really have the heart to eat such cute-looking pastries. There must have been a lot of hardwork involved in making it too. Right now, the pig's head is sitting in the fridge... um. Didn't finish it last night because I was too full from dinner :PPPP

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Doujinshis--- all done! finally.

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Finally. Our doujinshis are completed, after almost half a year of slogging and periodically going crazy-- for me, at least.

I didn't have the time to take snaps of the KH:CoM, M3 and TEAMworks #3 doujins at the shop, sorry guys.

Okay, here are some pictures for Space Frog Mix and the WCD doujin! :D

1. space frog mix, wcd and bleach bookmarks - Do you know how good it feels to see whatever you've been working out, well, printed right in front of you? :D

2. Close-up of WCD and SFM's cover. I did the cover for the WCD gang (who are my schoolmates, fyi) XD

3. It's Max's and Kuzu's guest works for SFM! *glomps the both of you*

4. Bookmarks - I was cutting the remaining Bleach and D. Gray-Man bookmarks this afternoon... um. Cutting can get addicting, provided that my vision doesn't blur in the process. Some bookmarks's edges are a bit off thanks to that T_T


Now, for a horribly blur picture of my submission for the Anugerah Biasiswa scholarship competition I entered last month but didn't get anything. I think the amount of colours and lack of proper planning and rushed art was a put-off for the examiners... btw, the words say, "Wajah-Wajah MALAYSIA dalam sehari" (the faces/images of Malaysia in a day).

Thus, I shall conclude my entry for the night and try to adjust to having a normal lifestyle again. One that doesn't involve me going crazy over doujinshi deadlines, drawing everyday and ignoring my studies and the like...

Books, video games, more fanart, STUDYING... here I come!

Will upload an Allesandro fanart later, after I finish studying chapter one of Form 5 Economics. It's LOOONG. And I can't believe that the holidays are almost over...and... I HAVEN'T DONE MY HOMEWORK FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHH.

P/S. CHEERS to all of us doujinkas who finished our doujins! It was surely a fun-filled week.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

A resolution.

*coughs* The stupid haze got worse when school was over. Walking back home in a cloud of dust wasn't one of the nicest experiences EVER. All I see outside my window now is nothing but dust like a sandstorm and even the opposite neighbour's house looks blurred.

Something Pn. Chong (my Moral teacher) said during our lesson today really made me contemplate for awhile. We were talking about some teenagers being unable to afford tuition, then moved on to the topic if anyone of us were looking for part time jobs or are already working to support themselves. She told us that SPM is more important than having a job at the moment, even if your family is poor. "With education, you can erase poverty." I guess that sentence really struck me like a whip against my rear.

I shouldn't have wasted all my time on contemplating on ways of making money and getting a job and trying to make our financial situation better. I'm going to study my ass off now and try to achieve the best. >:|

As a start, I've begun to stick motivational/inspiring/threatening notes all over my room so whereever I look, all I see is the word, 'STUDY'.

*coughs* I do hope I stay positive like this and not break down. HAHA. The future is not mine to see.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Bon Odori 2005!

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Bon Odori was fairly alright. I met a few of my primary school mates, and wow... two of them really changed (in looks, at least). It was fun catching up with them, eventhough it was only for a short while. Once didn't recognise me though, and he was SO quiet. SO not like the person I knew. Oh well.

What irked me was the amount of... uncivilised people there during the dance. Yes, it's nothing new, but gosh. People can be real IDIOTS. During the 3 dances, there was a move in the dance whereby we had to do a little hop. And everytime that happened, this group of stupid teenagers went wild and started whacking their female friends with their fans and making a big hoo-ha and it disrupted the line too. -_-; I don't think it's only that group though... there are loads and loads of idiots who go to BO every year. Have some respect for the Japanese people, it's their festival and it's not some event where you can play at. I think the Japanese family that was dancing at the line beside mine was pretty pissed at that group too, because the look on one of the girl's faces was plain SCARY. o_o

There were also many other things that some people I know near my campsite did that I didn't like as well. *sigh* And that also leads to a whole lot of things which I'm quite afraid of. I don't really want to rant about it online but I must say that the 'NYAA-VOLUTION' has got to be STOPPED. >_>

Ah well, it was enjoyable at least. Heheh, me, Esther, FI, Raincloud & YC vowed to go to BO next year in yukatas >D But I don't know how to sew one :(

I plan to avoid LJ, DA and the internet in general like a plague for the next few days.
I'm not going to make myself feel left out by reading everyone's rants about HP6. Yes, I know I am acting like a bitter old hag but I can't help feeling so. I've been waiting for so long for this damn book but I think it's a total waste of money to spend a freaking RM100 on a book. I'll have to wait until the soft cover copy comes out, I guess. I'm just happy that Reins told me that there are Ron/Hermione moments in it. XD!


Dammit I have to finish my illustrations ASAP so I can then concentrate PROPERLY on my studies. ALSO I have that scholarship to work on. ARGHHHH. I just CAN'T afford to freaking STUDY now eventhough I WANT TO. =___= *rips hair out* Form 5 is SO stressful.